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Leaving a Legacy Gift to Lehigh University

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A Gift to Lehigh University

A practical way to make a planned gift to Lehigh University is to include Lehigh in your will or revocable trust, or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance. If you have already made a provision to include Lehigh in your financial planning, please notify us by completing and returning this document. By documenting your bequest intention, Lehigh will have an opportunity to recognize your generous support in your lifetime.

Information provided to signify your bequest intention to Lehigh will remain completely confidential unless you authorize Lehigh to publicize your gift. Lehigh understands that all bequest provisions are revocable, and any intentions stated here are not binding on you or your estate.

Confidential Bequest Intention

Name_____________________________________ Class__________ Birth Date____________

Spouse____________________________________ Class__________ Birth Date____________


City______________________________ State________ Zip___________ Nation____________

Phone__________________________________ Email_________________________________

Children’s Names & Birth Dates



Employeer__________________________________ Phone_____________________________

I/we have made provisions for Lehigh as follows:

Please check appropriate boxes.

outright bequest payable upon my/our death(s) directly to Lehigh University

provision in will of surviving spouse payable to Lehigh University at death

present charitable trust with trustee other than Lehigh University

beneficiary of an IRA account_______________%


Estimated value payable to Lehigh University $________________________________________

I would like Lehigh University to use my gift for the following purpose:


Lehigh is required to follow the exact wording as stated in your will or trust document. For bequests of $500,000 or more, please provide the paragraph or page from your document that pertains to Lehigh.
Note: An unrestricted gift provides the University with an opportunity to allocate funds in a timely way where need is greatest.

May we list your name with your classmates in the Tower Society rosters?

Yes    No   (Please note: No dollar figure is disclosed.)

Date_____________________ Your Signature________________________________________

The giving threshold for the Tower Society membership is a planned gift of $10,000 or more. It can be a gift of cash or securities, or a future gift commitment that is part of your estate plans.

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